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Social media promotion
Salmonskinroll - content rewarding system
Salmonskinroll - dao testing efforts
Work with the new merchandise took a bit longer and is finished now. needed to re-submit proposal to get paid for time spent:
I've implemented a brand new ui for the core navcoin wallet and the changes have been merged into master branch, check this pr for full details:
Aguycalled - ledger support + navcash
Pr in turkey!
Reject the old proposal, i made this new one to get my 500k nav back because the previous dont work if the amount is higher than available in cfund. its still the same address you can check: nxw9fwyxnlt2lukhlydsu5kofsa4pgun62 thx for your support, goku
My proposal to build out the promotional navcoin merchandise assortment:
I would like to get a license plate for my uber car that says "navcoin", as a way to promote and advertise navcoin. i do over 5,000 uber rides per year in the minneapolis market, which has a population of over 3 million. this includes airport pickups, which means that even the people that are waiting for other uber drivers at the airport get to see my license plate. anyone who sits in traffic behind my car will also look at the license plate, during the roughly 50 hours per week that i drive around town. i would estimate, conservatively, that over 1000 people per month would look at my "navcoin" plate on my uber car. within 60 days of approval of this proposal, i will take pictures of the "navcoin" license plate installed on my car and share with community on reddit. thanks for your support.