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Votes counted for block 18,563 of 20,160 in the 177th block cycle.
There are 1,597 blocks remaining.
Colvano/navtechservers - funding navcoin video tutorials as described on reddit:
Funding needed for spray cans in the nav coin colors. the plan is that every public bathroom in oslo will be tagget with the nav coin logo!
Navcoin video sponsor youtubers - in brazil have a big influence and a big audience in the brazilian crypto market, videos made by them and dedicated to some currencies make the communities big
Aguycalled - development and implementation of the dao extension as described in
Airdrop for the biggest crypto forum in taiwan to gain awareness.
This community fund project is to integrate navcoin into magnum staking wallet
Https:// navcoin community fund can help greta. she has a spinal cord disease. click the link for all information and video.
Privacy protocol implementation poll.
Community news proposal #2 - funding to cover the costs of creating the weekly news for ~3 months (13 weeks) from 19 june - 11 september.
This will seed the websites bounty program which is intended to help maintain and advance the three main navcoin websites -