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Community Fund

Votes counted for block 8,294 of 20,160 in the 157th block cycle.
There are 11,866 blocks remaining.
Vote “yes” to this proposal to preserve navcoin as a store of value with complete auditability, at the expense of complete privacy. (current system) please see for the detailed explanation.
organizing a navcoin meetup with the bolgantanga technical university students
Funding to issue fcas rating for navcoin as seen on coinmarketcap
This proposal is to fund an airdrop giveaway on nova exchange. more information can be found here:
Creation of adwords banners for online advertisements and promotions. it will be hosted on navhub for everyone to use. they will be easily editable to suit different languages.
Next light walet test proposal
Korean translation for
Italian full translation for
[re-applied] this community fund project is designed to offset the carbon footprint of the navcoin network, making nav the worlds first carbon neutral cryptocurrency. read more here:
Navseries 19 . link -