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Navcoin article - #nav2018 . summing up a year of navcoin’s milestones & events (completed)
I will write a 3000-5000 word informational article which will take a deep look into the history of nav, the current features, the whole ecosystem and what the roadmap has to offer for the coming months and years. this article will be published to different social media channels like reddit, medium and with my ~1500 twitter followers. everyone from the community will be able to use the article as pleased. it can be shared freely or used for other proposals like infos for youtube videos etc. additionally i will do a giveaway in the reddit post where i will give out nav to everyone who downloads a nav wallet (core, next, navpay, etc.) and posts his/her address. more infos here:
2-nd part. website translation to arabic+french and navcore wallet translation to chinese,russian,arabic and french
I will create a video about navcoin on my youtube channel
Navcoin live action promo video by nyc filmmaker romel (cryptomoonie) translation (1.part - russian and chinese languages)
Navcoin sticker creation for the community -
Cryptocandor youtube review
Marketing materials - posters, flyers and stickers designs - by beekart
Navcoin italia website and italian community maintenance
Navcoin next wallet (completed)
This community fund project is designed to offset the carbon footprint of the navcoin network, making nav the worlds first carbon neutral cryptocurrency. read more at the link below: