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Community Fund

Votes counted for block 13,375 of 20,160 in the 165th block cycle.
There are 6,785 blocks remaining.
Navcoin meetup in upper east region of ghana by nav-africa
This community fund project is to integrate navcoin into magnum staking wallet
Navcoin next mobile wallet initial release
Monthly community newsletter & roundtable write up + social posts -
Navcoin portuguese we had a great success with the previous proposal for reactivation of the portuguese community, social networks grew and had a very good interaction!
This will seed the websites bounty program which is intended to help maintain and advance the three main navcoin websites -, hosting and optimization. this proposal is to cover the cost of hosting our three main sites and some site optimization work. read more here:
All eyes on us - an online marketing campaign. please see for full review.
Translation of to slovak and czech (resubmitted)
This community fund project is to fund the creation of the weekly news and supporting social media content for 3 months (13 weeks).