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Votes counted for block 14,277 of 20,160 in the 160th block cycle.
There are 5,883 blocks remaining.
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Imagefilm, branding and social media marketing (video, content, campaigning) for stronger nav awareness and branding. we work with the experts from and the renowned company (film production company who made image films for deutsche bank, lufthansa and other big clients) to create a professional world wide nav campaign. more infos under:
Navcoin next mobile application for android & ios
Community news proposal #2 - funding to cover the costs of creating the weekly news for ~3 months (13 weeks) from 19 june - 11 september.
Brochure for investors (updated proposal)
Vote “yes” to this proposal to have complete privacy, at the expense of auditability and being considered a store of value. please see for the detailed description.
Navcoin portuguese we had a great success with the previous proposal for reactivation of the portuguese community, social networks grew and had a very good interaction!
Privacy protocol implementation poll.