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Navcoin sticker creation for the community -
Cryptocandor youtube review -
This community fund project is designed to offset the carbon footprint of the navcoin network, making nav the worlds first carbon neutral cryptocurrency. read more at the link below:
This proposal is to support the monthly hosting costs for navexplorer.
Navcoin italia website and italian community maintenance -
Navcoin core are looking to onboard interns over the nz summer (december - february) while the local universities are on holiday. this community fund proposal is to sponsor the internships. read more here:
Marketing materials - posters, flyers and stickers designs - by beekart - translation (1.part - russian and chinese languages)
Navcoin next wallet (completed)
Ledger nano s integration for navcoin. for more details visit
Drone show ( in the sky of san francisco and two other cities (in japan and south korea)
Navcoin live action promo video by nyc filmmaker romel (cryptomoonie)