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Valid proposal - ignore the previous - proposal for refilling the dev bounty address -
I would like to buy vanity plates for my uber car that says "navcoin". the vanity plates will be read by a large number of people. i estimate that at least 5,000 people per month will see my car's license plate as i drive around my town, minneapolis, mn. in minnesota, cars must have license plates visible in the front and back of the vehicle. i spend over 50 hours per week driving passengers in my uber in a metro area that has over 3.25 million people. i would like to ask for 5,000 nav to cover the fees and my time to get the vanity plates that say "navcoin". i have included below the link to the website that explains the vanity plate fees and rules in my state. once the community approves this proposal, i will submit the application for the vanity plates within 90 days. thank you.
To set up, maintain & distribute nav full nodes to strengthen and secure the network and improve decentralization. stakes earned will be put back into creating more nodes and fund community lotteries to raise awareness of nav.