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Votes counted for block 13,644 of 20,160 in the 196th block cycle.
There are 6,516 blocks remaining.
I am goku from discord and deposited 500k nav to test the community fund fix. you can check that i request the nav back to the same address it was sent from: nxw9fwyxnlt2lukhlydsu5kofsa4pgun62 i ask for 1m nav because i will repeat this test with a second payment requests. thx for your support
Learning pool to be dispersed amongst 50-250 junior and senior high school students (aged 12-18) in an economic studies program at 2 different schools. students will be receiving in-depth lectures on blockchain, the history and future of cryptocurrency, and how to manage cryptocurrencies and e-wallets, cold storage, and general micro and macro economic theories. students will have actual cryptocurrencies to use and trade, access to various exchanges and the chance to grow their crypto-funds in a supervised environment.
To set up, maintain & distribute nav full nodes to strengthen and secure the network and improve decentralization. stakes earned will be put back into creating more nodes and fund community lotteries to raise awareness of nav.
3rd try - help to fix security holes in navcoin core -
Help to fix security holes in navcoin core -
Help developers fix security holes in navcoin core
Imagefilm, branding and social media marketing (video, content, campaigning) for stronger nav awareness and branding. we work with the experts from and the renowned company (film production company who made image films for deutsche bank, lufthansa and other big clients) to create a professional world wide nav campaign. more infos under:
Translation of 10 articles in french -
Donation to the victims of the christchurch terrorist attack -