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Votes counted for block 8,308 of 20,160 in the 157th block cycle.
There are 11,852 blocks remaining.
Translation of 10 articles in french -
Donation to the victims of the christchurch terrorist attack -
With this proposal the community can decide, if the navcoins which results from a bug, should be burned or not. more information:
Navcoin electrum wallet update & resolving issues on github
Translation of to czech and slovak language (introducing navcoin to new audiences pt. 1/2)
A treasure hunt for 25000 navcoin. a challenge where 25000 nav will be hidden in the picture created on the domain whoever finds the key to the coins may keep the navcoins. its not a lot however it should still peak a lot of interest. once the proposal is approved i will finish the site then request for payment to fund the treasure hunt.
Short film about love, family, lifes struggle featuring navcoin as the payment in the story. international film festival exposure.
Ledger nano s integration for navcoin. for more details visit
Drone show ( in the sky of san francisco and two other cities (in japan and south korea)