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This will seed the Websites Bounty Program which is intended to help maintain and advance the three main NavCoin websites -

Proposal Hash 8fcf35e0038f7c7e9d73371cd20c33ddad0e1b85067d1f3f496020a1e5e4d956
Block Hash 4997747fc0b8f2d3ad9f4b182a6b802cb5c14d7c34af15b095f11d0721d5f959
Payment Address NMPCQ7NSDV959dsAwr2pFs3QYaKtqzYoej
Duration 8 weeks, 4 days
Expiry Date 2019-08-09, 20:08:00
Creation Date 2019-05-28, 00:46:08
NAV Requested 25,050.0001 NAV
NAV Paid 25,050.0001 NAV
Fee 50 NAV
Status Expired