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Community Fund

Proposal NAVcoin Community Fund can help Greta. She has a spinal cord disease. Click the link for all information and video.

Proposal Hash 58cd16d14da674a8fd70c161228a7435a9692298e019dbb3fa848216f2d36adc
Block Hash 3168b304c3e847d1128a81eb4af04e69172c98d91e19ea652fec475deff5fb0e
Payment Address NiPNFhdYtCBGFBcraJooy4CCvVcSSWHGfP
Duration 1 week
Expiry Date 2019-07-09, 05:12:48
Creation Date 2019-06-16, 13:23:44
NAV Requested 410 NAV
NAV Paid 0 NAV
Fee 50 NAV
Status Expired