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Community Fund

Proposal, hosting and optimization. This proposal is to cover the cost of hosting our three main sites and some site optimization work. Read more here:

Proposal Hash 7857cbd10c96d377b691203b985d83a3ff112d50eae159fc5db754995938dbe4
Block Hash 87426a1a0cc2e49a1dc611d5b18615e5f8ca3eacc3f7fd80d44f59b5754507a2
Payment Address NLqZUCFPZYmmvm3duyr1C461tUphg8HtjC
Duration 12 weeks, 6 days
Expiry Date 2019-08-25, 14:08:16
Creation Date 2019-05-20, 22:58:56
NAV Requested 3,896 NAV
NAV Paid 914 NAV
Fee 50 NAV
Status Accepted
Acception Date 2019-05-27, 14:08:16

Accepted on the 0th voting cycle


Accept 10226 / Reject 185