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Vote “YES” to this proposal to preserve NavCoin as a store of value with complete auditability, at the expense of complete privacy. (current system) Please see for the detailed explanation.

Proposal Hash e3b49149d2580c770a2029721388b07f56fdd64192fc85483d3d813e2fa82675
Block Hash 76c276b37ca8cfcc515a05ac82ca006babfbf0ea849c9b1bb6fad92c74ada162
Payment Address NSqb7DNeBpLddVgZGRYc19wUKfJ2gErPye
Duration 1 week
Expiry Date 2019-05-20, 08:05:36
Creation Date 2019-05-01, 04:01:20
NAV Requested 50 NAV
NAV Paid 0 NAV
Fee 50 NAV
Status Expired