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Community Fund


Vote “YES” to this proposal to have complete privacy, at the expense of auditability and being considered a store of value. Please see for the detailed description.

Proposal Hash 56c424f3778263322c039d98e95b91ec06be2257c239b4fe56ec82889cebd69b
Block Hash 6a0e41ba1d936a305f9d4a256b8a50289164164b4b258d441066ff5aefde6ca6
Payment Address NSqb7DNeBpLddVgZGRYc19wUKfJ2gErPye
Duration 1 week
Creation Date 2019-05-01, 03:58:08
NAV Requested 50 NAV
NAV Paid 0 NAV
Fee 50 NAV
Status Expired