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PAYMENT 2 of 2 - ITALIAN FULL TRANSLATION FOR NAVCOIN.ORG – The SECOND AND FINAL PART of our job has been done, please check the complete job and all the files produced at the following links: GitHub - NavCollab Thank you all for the support.

Payment Request Hash 6fbbb361e8505c72b1658d36a2282920291ab7463a37a909e499c6f336dc0ef4
Proposal Hash c5a37afb8d50671e2a1c84c5870866acc3470c2d8e9435c6fc24a49f07280f2e
Block Hash 1cd7bbe4878cb0886849b02c5527dde93ef84d29f2964f82d620887b5133bef2
Paid On Block 2dec195d2835f332ea6da59df312cc89a90f48c8d041f9ee6bc29c5dbbf465f9
Creation Date 2019-03-06, 22:54:56
NAV Requested 1,500 NAV
NAV Available 0 NAV
Status Accepted

Accepted on the 1st voting cycle


Accept 11085 / Reject 1319