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This proposal is to support the monthly hosting costs for NavExplorer.

Payment Request

NavExplorer June 2019

Payment Request Hash 6606ade83e764722df9789f657d6fd61dd7636a4b8258044f0004b1270837c7a
Proposal Hash bdc588af828557deb114f67c5dfa87e44e4f25b142ac091aa6d65ee653cbf44a
Block Hash ecc39e721ceb18e7e87fd1c0da206776ae047c29b207aa0b97ee8ae6cfdf5034
Paid On Block 31e239b5482bd869cc7874fcdcadae9ecbcbcd2bc839abecdf859f0c1bd66447
Creation Date 2019-07-08, 20:52:16
NAV Requested 687.79 NAV
NAV Available 0 NAV
Status Accepted

Accepted on the 6th voting cycle


Accept 11121 / Reject 7