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NavCoin Portuguese We had a great success with the previous proposal for reactivation of the Portuguese community, social networks grew and had a very good interaction!

Payment Request

30% of the value of the proposal to start the Portuguese marketing and participation in events

Payment Request Hash 5d8f99d3ffb11d9b05f288e61f6566b18aba0a3a1e998f57333111ea8767a51b
Proposal Hash 260b15f2ba3de70eab87c56644471e71ebab327426312e7592aa1dce13cb28b1
Block Hash 0f0b76a1fc20233e5ff870d7eb5b9f4d195ddf5965a00be7314881eb0a4d1223
Paid On Block c47bc328ef84499d555f74487e24cfc52d277a7534545c8433c164e1b0e6495c
Creation Date 2019-07-06, 22:04:00
NAV Requested 1,752 NAV
NAV Available 4,089 NAV
Status Accepted

Accepted on the 3rd voting cycle


Accept 9184 / Reject 1075