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Community Fund


This Community Fund project is to fund the creation of the weekly news and supporting social media content for 3 months (13 weeks).

Payment Request

Remainder of the weekly community news payments for the work done to date.

Payment Request Hash 15f6948896cb17db0573696feed75ee1d055997135aa1d3af1b647a06f308495
Proposal Hash 943dd83d7f84afbf3f30ec58f5a847a906f11e68edb2e571abb8ccf25be1eb8d
Block Hash d2d1f0e88ba6b1e1c47bf996d90ce27c14e10477b19d27f57aada51b0b0a4acd
Creation Date 2019-06-26, 09:17:52
NAV Requested 10,467 NAV
NAV Available 0 NAV
Status Paid