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Translation of NAVCOIN.ORG to Slovak and Czech Job done, just waiting for the review and merging of the translations into master repo

Payment Request Hash 6dfb0412c1110372b7895d906b5bb94a76af78005f8f768e2ccff7d602c220d2
Proposal Hash e8b46f55fd222cf269ab2eb935ba38cc7c9d19b775d9dd781fb6c7b88059bdde
Block Hash 369bfc8567cdaf9675c887aff4960482f879888dc14ac8c74dae2fe3ac0c47b7
NAV Requested 5,000 NAV
NAV Available 5,000 NAV
Status Expired

Voting cycle 9

Accept 0 / Reject 0 / Abstain 0

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Nobody has voted for this payment request

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Nobody has voted against this payment request

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