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3 months ago I had proposed getting a Navcoin license plate for my UBER vehicle. However, the proposal "expired" and as a result was unable to request payment from the community fund. Despite that I did apply for the "NAVCOIN" licence plate and they will be arriving in the mail soon (30-60 days). I am requesting 9000 navcoin for my time at the motor vehicle office, the cost of the plates and the value of the advertising. As I mentioned on the expired proposal, thousands of people in Minneapolis will see my plates, as I average over 125 UBER rides per week. When I sit in traffic people see it and when I pickup passengers at the airport everyone who orders an UBER will pay attention to the licence plate. Minneapolis-St.Paul is a metropolitan area with over 3.6 million residents. I will share pictures of my vehicle on navcoin's reddit page with the license plate as soon as they arrive in the next 30-60 days.

Proposal Hash b10dae2705c2babc16f196a2fe5927f45e9462505fd939b97ddf3189582cc6c7
Block Hash 49638d7fc7e42b8e62f2c41542694c8fd0db81092f88f91bbf094943380a5f02
Payment Address NNwMu7sUmZhC2mZDoGAi2FzhNttsgiwG4M
Duration 8 weeks
Creation Date 2020-03-13, 17:48:00
NAV Requested 9,000 NAV
NAV Paid 0 NAV
Fee 50 NAV
Status Rejected