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4.7.1 is out with a nice GUI for setting up stake re-direction. Please consider contributing part/all of your stakes to the bounty programs to help attract/fund more devs. Or, contribute to the core devs. They have been doing a fantastic job and it's time we show support.

Proposal Hash 47a679bb6ebf90818e8c5ae67d71b241b8b548174fdee27c21721a5b9593e8ed
Block Hash b67d36ac9e85aae7fdf98ae7d46e7314afebeddd3eca64c1c03a067d3f93b4b5
Payment Address NP3h1uzYuZX9k3xmT5sZsrEceRFW5kxo2N
Duration 1 week
Creation Date 2019-10-30, 19:37:36
NAV Requested 50 NAV
NAV Paid 0 NAV
Fee 50 NAV
Status Expired