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Creation of Adwords banners for online advertisements and promotions. It will be hosted on NavHub for everyone to use. They will be easily editable to suit different languages.

Proposal Hash 13784c5ecff3709c6051bbc2044289e966169abc940e0cd1ce32a5917a51e81a
Block Hash c3c2b1d20df03981e493839c971d1175e7757457be9892eccd47aae1459e26bc
Payment Address NMxdi23oQewWUMTRAqHbWNfsgc4mQGCeGc
Duration 1 week, 3 days
Creation Date 2019-02-20, 15:11:44
NAV Requested 4,000 NAV
NAV Paid 0 NAV
Fee 50 NAV
Status Expired