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Community Fund


This Community Fund project is designed to offset the carbon footprint of the NavCoin network, making NAV the worlds first carbon neutral cryptocurrency. Read more at the link below:

Proposal Hash 0a4c915850491675e264fafacd20d14b8d9f0b165d4065ff2f53a21bbf0f72a2
Block Hash 2739c964e19b18bd4a4268021e47780c9bb41c6e24dbd39a395a9e29719a9eb4
Payment Address NNNjqMfKWrVGmi8WLziiSmNfAHz76yhdRx
Duration 4 weeks, 2 days
Creation Date 2018-11-16, 07:54:40
NAV Requested 5,000 NAV
NAV Paid 0 NAV
Fee 50 NAV
Status Expired