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Proposal translation (1.part - Russian and Chinese languages)

Payment Request

website translation to Russian and Chinese is done

Payment Request Hash ded811e972ead59dee27918489d8672bdd500d40a99488ab53647cc8eb0ce7aa
Proposal Hash 81439e7c02a103ff30611ffeccabfee032337c0356e0fb53118c2bccb0de2a6e
Block Hash 5c896ec6bb11b7c5808608fc5daba2b530533d519e259aa5842fcf80c1c459f6
Paid On Block ca95f64ba33891202ddd147cc40ca16ff1d33dfe578e313f6f7aafdb253e8c46
Creation Date 2018-12-26, 07:45:36
NAV Requested 5,000 NAV
NAV Available 0 NAV
Status Accepted

Accepted on the 6th voting cycle


Accept 10098 / Reject 130