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[Re-applied] This Community Fund project is designed to offset the carbon footprint of the NavCoin network, making NAV the worlds first carbon neutral cryptocurrency. Read more here:

Payment Request

Carbon Credits have been purchased, articles published and website updated:

Payment Request Hash c00067429684ce3825c1aa1b510e198f82e22f1ffa7f3d6d8ba6f5bcc1937aad
Proposal Hash 7fde4d5ccbf6ee6319933126776a1e633eb4d7083fae812f263eec0c8ded0027
Block Hash 3fedd341a351bc61132e5e4e55d04a36e78391690552b6db53ebd65a438c8527
Paid On Block c0b4acd3705a015d4daac082aa244b1a8c143525cb0fd134174a86f40334f687
Creation Date 2019-03-08, 04:49:20
NAV Requested 10,000 NAV
NAV Available 0 NAV
Status Accepted

Accepted on the 3rd voting cycle


Accept 11245 / Reject 2602