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I will create a video about Navcoin on my YouTube channel

Payment Request

I have made the video and posted it on my channel

Payment Request Hash abcc819a1572f0a2d02c7da0c5bd8532e0f54964ac6c0dbf6f8e29205b07ee3f
Proposal Hash b5e6b4db39c7216fb7d051aefd6a9c1beb8f4cbf3bd56505bada6339b529a7d3
Block Hash 02b5405fe8a66b8a4712ce3f6819d4191935dd2ffa66308e0013ee0d4eeeff72
Paid On Block 19e72c1a3050336edaed51d9e8f66364775c04e73886011622e24ff9c90bccee
Creation Date 2019-02-03, 07:03:12
NAV Requested 600 NAV
NAV Available 0 NAV
Status Accepted

Accepted on the 6th voting cycle


Accept 8879 / Reject 1486