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NAVcoinLotteryBot PROPOSAL (By NIO) This proposal is about the development of a Telegram LotteryBot. Check the link to have a complete description!

Payment Request . Look the link to see the work finished. The NAVcoinLotteryBot is finished and running in telegram.

Payment Request Hash 9f5b11a2350227a53ed0ea827807db343e3abaac635b9ee592836fa1c9ec3289
Proposal Hash 7f522dc44a554254549bda665f89adfe228f747da690811e458ae6aec2ed6e8c
Block Hash f105b790df39c4644196b982c8d985fd1d0eb4a419b72a8df71e871bfc83ccc6
Creation Date 2019-10-06, 08:53:52
NAV Requested 3,000 NAV
NAV Available 0 NAV
Status Paid