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Community Fund


NavCoin Core Dev Support Community Fund Proposal: A proposal to fund my efforts to review & merge new features, and improve the NavCoin test suite.

Payment Request

Payment for Dev Work / Support over the last 3 months:

Payment Request Hash 8c13f2eb7ca88163758f9cc3753f39db2f04d87495989017eec776e25ea60bfa
Proposal Hash f6ff86bb351da653cee12e90c370cb7e26fced9567705f6883b50889d24e8188
Block Hash 29886b1ee3785a8157ff0b8e3259c6f2b817727f9c26794cb16490396c738afc
Creation Date 2020-01-23, 22:40:48
NAV Requested 60,000 NAV
NAV Available 60,000 NAV
Status Rejected