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This proposal will be used to fund research, development and creation of educational content around the Zero Confidential Transactions protocol described in

Payment Request

Transaction amount obfuscation and ZeroCT staking - full paper implementation -

Payment Request Hash 8702a1e833d592792baf9b8d539599f44848f68f3e9d1b68be7ff0aa6e7fd27d
Proposal Hash 7a42807685c889b9b6d1c7ff316b3166efa1eeba2a0bcc49c8e7dd1aed079596
Block Hash 4147e42f39ffd2fe286e2ebb94dfb31d676fc5826a79fcc48de8864d701b0038
Paid On Block 2dec195d2835f332ea6da59df312cc89a90f48c8d041f9ee6bc29c5dbbf465f9
Creation Date 2019-03-14, 09:26:56
NAV Requested 25,000 NAV
NAV Available 0 NAV
Status Accepted

Accepted on the 4th voting cycle


Accept 11499 / Reject 1611