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Pay mxaddict to work part time on navcoin-core issues, you can verify the payment address is for him via

Payment Request

Requesting payment for the newly approved proposal, you can see my current and past work here:✓&q=is%3Apr+author%3Amxaddict

Payment Request Hash 7e8610174025290e4ee15ced7b6ff2f4d88561ca7d2142624bbe0bd400b337a8
Proposal Hash 8149f4c90d809eb9be570c103832baf86ca9d05eadec29dc83f6d2818bc1b18d
Block Hash 0e826ab5a5354f78519144d6a54339ee2715998b6295dfcae05ad66d51d53c67
Creation Date 2019-10-04, 03:21:04
NAV Requested 50,000 NAV
NAV Available 25,000 NAV
Status Rejected