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Payment Request

NavPool Node and Voting API launched on MainNet with successful staking

Payment Request Hash 7bf4feca3c8c1f25d3e3a40a9955d7cb134cf3b7f26aeee0a5a125dea29cd133
Proposal Hash 577bfc39406a55a61742c7634750fd0cf64ac149dcb096d31036c7d19df05402
Block Hash 77813672410d3d7d6358341ecd2120367edfd7c908a24d252b121c790b95e0a1
Paid On Block 1d3f25869fa642d046d0ed2470e8ff0f19a33b4b6f9de870d975416ff8367e8a
Creation Date 2019-05-02, 23:01:20
NAV Requested 10,000 NAV
NAV Available 10,000 NAV
Status Accepted

Accepted on the 1st voting cycle


Accept 13305 / Reject 547