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Community Fund


This proposal is to support the monthly hosting costs for NavExplorer.

Payment Request

December 2018

Payment Request Hash 68ab306392f1bba61cf4aecf42862a13647a280f843a6594706f8bc8bf016fe2
Proposal Hash bdc588af828557deb114f67c5dfa87e44e4f25b142ac091aa6d65ee653cbf44a
Block Hash dfbd760bc5cc5500981a617426e27a60a760f20e157d2fedeb72125ed8a06d73
Paid On Block b7035dca9e2607db50607afcc1e8cd22710e1e721ffd6baffce715d99ec6a861
Creation Date 2019-01-05, 17:18:56
NAV Requested 762.03 NAV
NAV Available 1,468.49 NAV
Status Accepted

Accepted on the 6th voting cycle


Accept 11121 / Reject 7