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NavCoin Core are looking to onboard interns over the NZ summer (December - February) while the local Universities are on holiday. This Community Fund proposal is to sponsor the internships. Read more here:

Payment Request

Payment Request Info:

Payment Request Hash 130d73db8128704f14f0c3000c60bf539432af164e1f0d7a2527a5babe60c656
Proposal Hash 2da711320aa9e83b91f6e4111898abc0214fdb347623a5b2286d3caf33c1e8dd
Block Hash 3b54fef0be264ed063f6cac04c191a8f4bfd6d51e8cab01928d37e9190c6d776
Paid On Block c0b4acd3705a015d4daac082aa244b1a8c143525cb0fd134174a86f40334f687
Creation Date 2019-03-07, 23:00:48
NAV Requested 3,334 NAV
NAV Available 0 NAV
Status Accepted

Accepted on the 6th voting cycle


Accept 10407 / Reject 395